Graduates fuel demand for online tools

With the average age of a building surveyor on the decrease graduates along with their technology savvy seniors are expecting more from their digital tooling.

Intuitive technology based solutions such as Beyond Condition put efficiency in the hands of the end user allowing them to produce far more in less time.

In a burgeoning industry where output can not meet demand, Australian based company Beyond Condition has developed a cloud-based tool designed to convey the surveyor’s judgement in report form in less time.

According to Mr. Ben Ihle, Senior Manager at Beyond Condition whether you are completing an audit, inspection, or maintenance report, the company’s online tool can dramatically reduce the overall time spent on site and at the office uploading and formatting reports.

“Graduates using Beyond Condition can outpace their senior counterparts completing jobs that would normally take three days in less than one day using Beyond Condition,” he concluded.
The Basic subscription comes with standardised report templates and the Professional subscription enables users to set up custom report templates and define custom fields.

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