Cloud based tools reduce asbestos reporting time

Licensed assessors are under pressure to keep up with legislation and develop methods to track and maintain data accurately and are using cloud based solutions to collate information and reduce cost. 

According to Beyond Condition’s senior manager Ben Ihle, the cost of creating and updating asbestos registers can often be dramatically reduced by using online tools.

“An average asbestos report can cost up to half a full day of additional time if the building consultant does not use an effective capture tool,” he said.

“Online tools can enable reports to be created easily in a pre-tabulated format reflecting the minimum data capture requirements required by legislation.”

“The asbestos report template included in the Basic subscription is streamlined to allow quick recording of inspection and sample dates. In addition, it automatically calculates risk based on likelihood and consequence. With the Professional subscription users can create their own fields to meet their client’s bespoke needs.” he concluded.

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